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The Precipice logo

Act I

Miranda pj 5

The Prologue introduces us to the company as narrator, Lady Midnight, the Goddess of Dreams, welcomes us into a tale of two young girls, Iris and Hippolyta (Polly). Iris is the daughter of the wealthiest widow in town, but is stifled by her lonely existence and the expectations her mother has prescribed for her.

Miranda pj 2

Polly is a servant girl with a knack for producing powerful elixirs, at the local Miss Mill’s School for Ladies, where she is bullied by the schoolgirls and teased for her poverty and otherness.

Miranda pj 4

One night, unable to bear the unfairness of their isolating existences, Iris and Polly cry out to the sky and are answered by Lady Midnight and her Dreamweavers, who bring the girls together into the magic of the night, forging a powerful bond of sisterhood. She  gives Iris and Polly a key, a melody (‘I am Calling Across the Ocean,’) that when sung to the full moon, will draw the girls out together and let them escape to the world of dreams.

Miranda pj 10

Time passes and, because of their shared midnight escapes into the dream world, Iris and Polly are able to protect their spirits and weather the isolation of their everyday lives.

Then one day, after years of keeping Iris under tight control, Iris’s mother agrees to send her off to Miss Mill’s School. Arriving at the school, Iris and Polly come face to face in the real world for the first time.

Miranda pj 17

They enjoy a short and blissful period of pure adolescent friendship as the world of their dreams and reality merge, but this bliss does not last. While Iris adapts well to life as a schoolgirl, Iris and Polly’s  clandestine relationship is threatened when one of the schoolgirls becomes suspicious of their forbidden bond. After schoolgirls humiliate Polly, and Iris fails to stand up for her, Polly feels betrayed. Iris apologizes that night and they make a plan to run away together.

Meanwhile, in the Capital City the Prince reluctantly agrees to go on a quest throughout the empire in search of a common woman to take as a bride. He ends up at Miss Mill’s school, where rumors about Iris and Polly’s relationship have spread and have been exaggerated into accusations of homosexuality.

Miranda pj 22

Mother confronts Iris about the rumors, and informs her of her opportunity to marry the Prince. The Prince chooses Iris as his bride, despite Miss Mill’s attempt to dissuade him.

Iris returns to her room to find Polly with their bags packed, ready to escape. Iris pleads with Polly  to delay the trip one night so she can go to the ball with the Prince. Polly becomes enraged and gives Iris an ultimatum:  either meet me under full moon or I will leave without you.

In ‘Iris on the Precipice,’  Iris is torn between choosing the Prince or Polly, as both sing for her to come with them. She is undecided when the curtain falls at the end of Act I.

Miranda pj 13

Act II

Act Two opens in the Capital City at Iris and the Prince’s wedding reception. In the uptempo, ‘Society Song’, Iris learns the ropes of Court life. Although Iris seems to be seduced by her new life with the Prince, she misses Polly.


The girls write letters back and forth, professing their longing to once again share the magic of night. Unbeknownst to either of them, the jealous Prince intercepts the letters and hides them away.

Having heard nothing from Iris, Polly, now living alone out in the woods, tries to destroy all memories of her in the emotional song, ‘Lies’.


Iris is also upset by Polly’s lack of response and becomes moody and depressed. The Prince notices that she is not the charming young lady he chose as a wife. After a marital dispute in which he reveals his knowledge of Polly, he forces Iris to choose between them by morning.

miranda 5

That night, both girls share a dream filled with memories of one another.

Miranda pj 12

In the morning, before Iris can reveal her decision, the Prince pulls out the final letter Polly sent that says ‘I don’t give a damn what you do!’ Iris, believing Polly has given up on her, commits herself to a life in the Capital.

Polly continues to call on Lady Midnight and build a relationship with the natural world, creating healing tinctures.

Miranda pj 30

Meanwhile, Iris strives now only to be the Princess she believes her husband and society wants her to be, becoming a lonely shadow of her former self.

miranda 3

One night, Iris discovers the letters from Polly that the Prince hid from her years ago.  In her shock and anger at this betrayal, Iris confronts the Prince in the middle of a grand ball. In response, the Prince declares her ‘ill’ and takes her outside the castle, beating her close to death.

The Prince leaves Iris broken and alone upon the ground. She calls up to the full moon, ‘I am Calling Across the Ocean’, and the magic of Lady Midnight finally reemerges to draw the girls together after so many years. Polly uses her strength and healing mastery to bring Iris back to life. Iris apologizes and they both promise never to leave one anothers’ side again.

Miranda pj 18

Meanwhile, after word of Iris’s breakdown at the ball has traveled throughout the land, her Mother and the Prince devise a way to turn the story to their advantage, accusing Polly of entrancing Iris with black magic. The townspeople are all too willing to accept this explanation and, as a frenzied mob, lead the Prince to Polly’s cabin.

Miss Mill, sensing the danger, goes to warn Polly, telling her to leave Iris and run, but Polly refuses for ‘life on earth holds little worth without Iris.’ The mob arrives outside her door, and Polly is carried off to the center of the town and tied to a stake. The Prince and Mother tell Iris that she must say Polly is a witch in order for her to be forgiven and have a fresh start in the Capital.


At the trial the townspeople accuse Polly of trying to entrance them with her tinctures and the King declares her a witch. Polly refuses to engage in their trial, staring silently up at the sky. When it is time for Iris’ testimony, Iris takes the stand and finally refuses to do as she is told, making her own choice and proclaiming Polly’s innocence, declaring ‘If Polly is a witch, I am a witch’.

She sings to Polly a declaration of sisterhood as she describes the magic of the friendship they have shared in ‘Whispers Whispers’.  The Prince yells that Iris is still under control of the witch and the townspeople light the fire to burn Polly alive. In the final moments, Iris flings herself onto the fire and at that moment, the magic of Lady Midnight appears, turning both to stardust, letting them rise up into the night where they become Dreamweavers for eternity- bonded together, free to fly among the stars, and committed to weaving dreams of inspiration and revelation for the stifled, suffering society below.

miranda 4

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